Chin Up


Rejection – re·jec·tion (r -j k sh n). n. 1. The act of rejecting or the state of being rejected.

I know this word and feeling all too well. As a beginning writer, I’ve been rejected hundreds of times. I lost count of how many query letters I have sent to publishers and agents. But, I can tell you that out of 100 letters sent, usually, I would only get ten back requesting more information. Out of those ten, two might read the entire manuscript and still decide in the end that they don’t want to publish the book. This kind of hard work and subsequent disappointment would be devastating to anyone. But, it’s especially difficult when you have already spent many hours writing hundreds of pages and 80,000 to 120,000 words. How do writers keep going against such odds?

I can tell you how I do it. I just keep writing, keep querying, and keep telling myself that the next agent or publisher is the one who will give my book a chance; that finally, I will find acceptance. I have had success with my latest novel and that’s great. But, what about the next one? What about the one I just wrote and plan to write two more to make it a trilogy? How will I persevere? One word and letter at a time…


2 thoughts on “Chin Up

  1. Glad to help, Alison. My first novel was rejected over and over, then I had a couple of chances from publishers that ultimately fell through. I became so discouraged that I finally decided to self-publish. That route actually went very well, but I still recommend traditional publishing. My latest novel is being released in April by Black Rose Writing and I have another one with four different agents now. Hopefully, I’ll get some good news soon! My best to you in your writing!

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