The Journey


Unless you haven’t heard, not all writers write exactly the same. As obvious a statement as this may be, many people who read books might be under the assumption that writers always do things the same way. While one writer might have a very regimented schedule, another will write here and there. Some writers plan every jot and tittle in their storyline while others write organically without planning anything. However, the most common pattern you will see with writers, especially fiction writers, is the beginning to end strategy. This method basically begins with the end in mind, but doesn’t necessarily plan anything in between. While this style is more organic in concept, it also has a plan or goal for the writer to attain. If you write, give this method a shot sometime and see where it takes you.


One thought on “The Journey

  1. Very interesting. Whenever I have written any fiction, I never have the end in my mind, but I do start out with an idea and just see where the characters take it. Must be why I don’t write endings very well at all.

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