The Stories We Tell

What do you know about yourself? Do you know yourself at all? In 1983, Howard Gardner proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. The idea is that while someone might be a genius in one domain of intelligence, they might be a complete idiot in another. One of the domains of intelligence is intrapersonal intelligence. This area of human intelligence is the one responsible for you knowing yourself. People who know themselves well and understand how they perceive the world have high intrapersonal intelligence. These are the people who know why they tell the stories they tell and where they come from within their own mind. While someone might not have a deep intrapersonal understanding, there’s no reason to be upset about it. You can develop this area of intelligence by looking inside yourself and trying to discover the you, you never knew. Part of this process is facilitated by telling stories. The more you tell stories and think about how and why you tell them, the more likely you will be to understand where you began and where you’re going. So, take the time to spin a yarn and learn more about you!


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