The After Affects

Families are wonderful and difficult. They give us love, but can also miss the mark. Family is a word of calm for some and one of dread for others. But, if we all stopped for a bit and studied our families, we might see something we never understood in the subjective light of the present. All of our families have a history.

For instance, Runaway Swimmer is about the history of a southern family who has lost sons and fathers and mothers. The title character is actually abducted by a tribe of Cherokee when he is only three years old. In the real-life story upon which the novel is based, the boy is never heard from again. What does something  like this do to a family? What are the psychological ramifications not just for the immediate generation, but for future progeny? Think about your own family history when you wonder why yours is the way it is. Maybe it will help you and your beloved to heal.


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